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Inferno Act 1 Farming for Gold

In this guide we will be showing you good ways to make tons of Diablo 3 gold by farming Act 1 on Inferno. The guide will show you how and where to find the best mobs to farm and the most efficient routes to farm. I farm mostly for the RMAH so this guide will also take that into account.

Before you start you will want to try to cap Magic find and Gold find or at least get it as high as you can while still maintaining DPS.

The route i will be taking will take from 1 – 2 hours and you will fight over 50 champion packs. between 5 – 10 treasure goblins and you will get 100 – 150 rare items (depending on your magic find), 200 – 400k gold, plus a good chance of getting legendaries. I try to pick up most of the stuff i get and just vendor whatever don’t sell on the RMAH.

The Route

The route we will be taking has been optimized so that you will fight a lot of mobs with good loot in a little amount of time.

1) Cemetery of the Forsaken + The Crypts in the Cemetary

The Cemetery usually has a group of Champions and each of the three crypts usually have a few Champions and sometimes treasure goblins. Do all the crypts.
2) Fields of Misery waypoint

The Fields of Misery also have a good amount of Champions. Visit the Dens and Caves here except Khazra Den.
3) The Festering Woods

Now it’s time to go to the Festering Woods, where you’ll find a couple of Champion packs. There are 2 dungeons here both with a Champion in it.

4) Highlands Crossing

Finish up the whole zone until you get to Leoric’s Manor. As you make your way through the Highlands you will find quite a few Champions.

5) Leoric’s Manor

Continue from the Highlands to Leoric’s Manor and continue on through.

6)Halls of Agony

In the Halls of Agony there usually is a couple of Champions on each level.

7) The Cursed Hold

After Halls of Agony Level 1 and 2. Continue to the Cursed Hold where you will find a few Champions and the Warden.

8) Halls of Agony

In Level 3 of the Halls of Agony you will find a couple more Champions. And of course the big finale, The Butcher.

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Inferno act 1 farming for gold

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